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The Laws of Style hosted by Douglas Hand Episode 11 – Yeohlee Tang

“Materials all know what they want to be, so I have to listen very hard to them.” – Yeohlee Teng

On this episode of The Laws Style, Fashion Lawyer, Douglas Hand’s guest is storied designer Yeohlee Teng. Yeohlee moved to New York from Malaysia to study fashion at the Parsons School of Design and established her own house, YEOHLEE inc in 1981. Teng discusses the spatial relationship of clothing to its wearer, gender fluid fashion, sustainability, the benefits of having a storefront, and current challenges with the New York City Garment District.


The Laws of Style hosted by Douglas Hand Episode 10 – Daniel DuGoff

“Somebody who is building community and is building awareness and doing cool things, that’s whose supporting HomoCo.  That’s who our followers are.”  – Daniel DuGoff

On this episode of The Laws of Style, Fashion Lawyer Douglas Hand, sits down with Daniel Doguff, the Founder of CFDA Incubator and menswear brand D Dugoff, and the current CEO of the gay friendly men’s swimwear line HOMOCO. Daniel shares his penchant for architecture, experiences with Marc Jacobs, and his thoughts on the current state of fashion, the DTC model, and what’s in store for unisex brands of the future.


The Laws of Style – Episode 9 – John Bartlett

On this episode of The Laws of Style, Fashion Lawyer Douglas Hand is joined by John Bartlett. John is  a NYC based CFDA award-winning fashion designer, vegan, animal lover/activist, yoga devotee, gay rights enthusiast and good midwestern boy! On the episode they discuss the current state of unisex fashion, the continual relevance of preppy style and the wisdom of never selling your trademark what it happens to also be your name  We hope you’ll tune in, listen and watch this latest episode of The Laws of Style.


The Laws of Style – Episode 6 – E2

“You have to have a real point of view, something that is distinctively different than what else is out there.” – Eric Jennings

On this episode of The Laws of Style, Fashion Lawyer Douglas Hand sits down with fashion industry veterans Eric Jennings (“EJ”) and Erik Ulin of E2 Consulting, a brand management firm that works with brands to establish and sustain success in the fashion industry. READ MORE

Partner Douglas Hand Offers His Expertise on Off-White’s Trademark Infringement Suit

Off-White Is Suing Children’s Apparel Company Brooklyn Lighthouse for Trademark Infringement

Partner Douglas Hand offers his expertise in a WWD article about Off-White’s suit against children’s apparel company Brooklyn Lighthouse for trademark infringement. Check it out below!

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Partner Douglas Hand Weighs In On Trademarks and Imitators in a New “Women’s Wear Daily” Article

Levi Strauss Is Not Flattered by Imitators

“The sounder legal advice here is to err on the side of being called a bully.”

– Douglas Hand


Partner Douglas Hand weighs in on the trademark battle over Levi Strauss and their signature tab on the back of jeans in a new piece featured in Women’s Wear Daily.

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Learn more about Douglas Hand.


The Laws of Style – Episode 5 – Jack Carlson

“When we come out with a new product, the drop is covered in Town & Country and on Highsnobiety in the same week, and that’s exactly how we want it.”  – Jack Carlson, Founder & Creative Director, Rowing Blazers

On this episode of The Laws of Style, Fashion Lawyer Douglas Hand sits down with designer, archaeologist, and US Team rower Jack Carlson, the Renaissance man behind the exciting new label, Rowing Blazers. Jack and Douglas discuss Jack’s experience as a Bronze Medal winning U.S. Men’s National rower, obtaining a doctorate in archaeology from Oxford University, and how these experiences have inspired his design.

Jack also provides a glance into his day-to-day at Rowing Blazers, discusses how he’s been able to tap into both the traditional menswear and streetwear markets, details upcoming Rowing Blazer’s collabarations, and much more.

Jacket – Rowing Blazers Gun Club Tweed
Shirt – Rowing Blazers Handmade 12 Gauge England-Wales 1923 Rugby
Pants – Vintage Ralph Lauren chinos
Shoes – White Adidas Superstar
Watch – Vintage 1971 Seiko


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