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Venture Capital

Experience and understanding of both sides of the venture capital ecosystem.

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HBA has one of the most sophisticated practices for venture-backed startups of any firm of comparable size on the East Coast or the West Coast. Our work with both investors and the early and growth-stage companies in which they invest takes our practice to the leading edge of the value-creation economy. With our substantial experience and understanding of both sides of the venture ecosystem, we work closely with our clients to identify issues and properly structure companies for optimal success within the early-stage/venture ecosystem.

In the process we are able to minimize or eliminate structural issues that can plague the progress and efficiency of both startups and the deal development process itself. We also work with our early and growth-stage clients on an “outside general counsel” basis where we function as day-to-day counsel with respect to a variety of functions, whether compensation/employment, leasing, licensing, business development, IP-related matters, disputes, and the like.


Our M&A practice in the venture industry is similarly sophisticated and full-service. We have acted for dozens of venture-backed companies in sale transactions including successful exits to Google, Apple, Yahoo!, Amazon, Chase and a host of other Fortune 500 strategic buyers. We also act as special counsel to founders in connection with exit transactions where founders require counsel separate from company counsel due to deal terms (e.g., lockups, retention holdbacks, retention bonus plans, vesting, etc.) which affect founders different from other stockholders.

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