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The Medium Rules: Podtech Analytics & Attribution w/ Sean Creeley & Andy Pellett of Podsights

With the explosion of podcasts and podcasting in recent years (there are 700,000 podcasts and counting, according to The New York Times), podcasting has become big business.  In addition, there has been a recent spate of headline-grabbing podcast M&A activity, signaling that this new, highly intimate form of media is still in its early stages.  However, the industry is struggling to find an advertising model that matches the growth and popularity of this new medium.  Listener data is both very difficult to obtain and fragmented among the various industry participants, as a result of which ad-targeting, and CPMs, remain low.

Enter Podsights, a podcast analytics and attribution company co-founded by industry veterans Sean Creeley and Andy Pellett, which seeks to work with both the supply and demand side of the podcasting advertising business (call it “podtech”) to optimize both yield, on the one hand, and conversions on the other.  Prior to co-founding Podsights, Sean founded a web attribution and analytics company by the name of Embedly, with Andy as his chief engineer.  Embedly was sold to Medium Corporation in 2016.

On this episode of The Medium Rules, Sean and Andy walk us through the various players in the podcast ecosystem, from the players to the hosting companies to the producers/creators to the brands and to the analytics companies in between.  We talk about some of the newer entrants, such as Luminary, and we also discuss the current M&A environment, what the future might bring, and who will be the winners and the losers going forward.

We hope you tune in, listen and watch this chatty and informative episode with Sean & Andy.




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