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The Medium Rules: Long-Term Trends in Media and Technology – Ep. 1 – Longpath: Ari Wallach

Notwithstanding the accelerating advance of technology, or possibly because of it, humanity seems to be an “Intertidal” moment whereby the norms, institutions and in many cases the leaders we have long since trusted are in turbulence. There are many reasons for this anxiety, co-existing as it does with mind-boggling technological, economic, and social advancements. “Long path” is a mindset that is quickly gaining cultural traction as a means of thinking and acting designed to foster connections with one another and with out future selves, allowing us to make the decisions necessary to ensure the human species flourishes and the planet thrives.

The Medium Rules host, Alan Baldachin, is joined in the HBA Podcast Studio in New York City by Longpath Labs founder and CEO Ari Wallach to discuss the organization’s philosophy, its work, and its ground game for promoting long-term thinking as a decision-making modality. As Ari explains, Longpath Labs is both an incubator and a movement builder dedicated to bringing Longpath thinking to address both humanity’s greatest challenges as well as the more mundane day-to-day challenges we face as parents, teachers, coaches, community leaders, business leaders and social and political activists.

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