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Madewell IPO Plans are far from certain, Business Vogue Article

Douglas Hand Reflects on Madewell’s IPO in Vogue Business Article

In September, Madewell filed for an IPO. Partner Douglas Hand gives his thoughts on Madewell as a stand alone business apart from J Crew in this Vogue Business Article 

“Its distribution strategy, aesthetic and younger demographic sensibilities could ensure Madewell’s continued growth. But a lot won’t be clear until the brand is on its own on the public market, and there is a risk in attempting to figure out where J. Crew ends and Madewell begins,” according to Douglas Hand, a partner at law firm Hand Baldachin Associates, which specialises in fashion companies.

“For a brand embedded in a larger brand, it’s always difficult to get a true and accurate reflection of how that brand’s doing,” Hand said. “Shared services should be at market rates, but they aren’t always. There are a lot of benefits Madewell gets by being part of J. Crew that won’t be there when it’s standalone.”


You can read more and access the article online using this link: Madewell’s IPO Plans are Far from Certain